Siltbuster Water Solutions


Siltbuster Limited, the UK’s leading construction site water treatment and silt pollution prevention specialists has appointed plant sales and rental company, PR Power as its official distributor for Australia.

The range of products available for sale and rental include:

HB60 Image1Settlement units

The equipment is a hopper-bottomed skid mounted settlement unit ideal for use in a range of applications including pumping & dewatering, desilting & dredging, site water management and plant, vehicle and wheel washing.

 RCW Image1Concrete Wash Water units

The RCW is ideal for the treatment of waste water from cleaning of concreting plant and equipment. The units efficiently capture solids by means of specialised filtration bags, before neutralising the highly alkaline wash water to an acceptable level for re-use or discharge.

 HD Hydrodemolition Image1Hydro-demolition

The Hydro-demolition unit is ideal for the treatment of high pH, sediment-laden blast water from Hydro-demolition projects. The unit is compact, lightweight and low maintenance and can be used at ground level or installed and operated from a suitable road ready trailer.

 PMPU20 Image1pH Correction

Typically the unit is configured to operate using either strong mineral acid or carbon dioxide.  The use of carbon dioxide has a number of environmental and health safety advantages, making it the preferred acid of choice for use on a construction site. It’s also available for short or long term rental – hire options.