Hydro-Demolition (HD Unit)

HD unit is an effective means of treating high pH, sediment-laden blast water from hydro-demolition projects.



Fuel Consumption
1 L/h
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Technical Information

Separation Method::

Lamella Plates

pH Correction Method::

CO2 Vapour

Operating Range::


Hydro-Demolition (HD Unit)

The Hydro-Demolition (HD) unit is compact, light weight, low maintenance and can be used at ground level or installed and operated from a suitable road ready trailer. It's ideally suited for use on road works projects which require the removal of all equipment at the end of the working shift and restricted access areas such as multi-level car parks, etc.

The HD unit is easily transportable and an effective means of treating high pH, sediment laden blast water from hydro-demolition applications.

The HD unit operates continuously at flowrates of up to 5m3/hr and can be powered from an external 240V power source or its own battery.

PR Power is the Exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Siltbuster products including the award winning settlement units, silt separators, oil water separators, concrete wash water units, chemical dosing and pH correction units.

Available for sale or short/long term rental Australia wide.



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Hydro-Demolition operating on site

Hydro-Demolition operating on site

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