PR-SOLAR POLE LED Lighting Tower


Lights 1 x 50w
Light Output 400m²
Run Time All Year Round
Manufacturer Trime, Italy
Data Sheet
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The PR-SOLAR POLE LED is an easy-to-use solar light tower ideal for car parks, special events, rural streets, military applications and construction purposes. The PR-SOLAR POLE is automated and will switch on when the sun sets and turn itself off when the sun rises. The PR-SOLAR POLE emits no CO2 emissions, is completely silent and does not consume any fuel.

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED Lighting Tower utilises a highly efficient solar panel mounted atop an 8.5m vertical mast. The PR-SOLAR POLE LED is equipped with an auto dim sensor which saves battery usage and efficiency of the unit. The lights will be dimmed if there is no movement within the surrounding area. The PR-SOLAR POLE LED is available for sale & rental Australia Wide.

PR-SOLAR POLE LED Lighting Tower showing the features

Motion Detection Sensor/Auto Dim Sensor

If there is movement detected the PR-SOLAR POLE LED’s lights will emit full brightness increasing visibility when there is activity nearby.

No Fuel Needed

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED emits no CO2 emissions, is completely silent and does not consume any fuel.

Complete Silence

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED runs in complete silence, no smell, no emissions, and minimal servicing is required.

11.5 Hour Operating Time (Full Brightness, No Charge)

The PR-SOLAR POLE tower is self-sufficient with continued sunlight to recharge the batteries all year round. The operating time without charge ranges from 11.5 to 46 hours depending on the brightness. There are no fuel costs and the unit has minimal maintenance.

Solar Panel

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED has 1 x 130W solar panel mounted atop the 8.5m vertical mast.

Highly Efficient LED Lights

The tower provides 1 x 50w high-efficiency LED lamps, capable of illuminating around 400m2. This lighting tower is ideal for a wide range of applications including construction, industrial, civil works, rental, and government projects.

Manufactured in Europe

PR Power’s Lighting towers are manufactured in Italy and built to last. The PR-SOLAR POLE LED are proven in Europe due to their efficiency, reliability, LED lighting and Solar technology.

Environmental Sustainability

Designed to be environmentally sustainable without sacrificing performance. Our manufacturers, The PR-SOLAR POLE LED is one of the cleanest towers available in Australia.

Safety and Hazard Prevention

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED has a 12v DC 50 Amp Hour Extra Low Voltage Lighting System to ensure the safety of workers on site. Optional anti-glare LED technology ensures light conditions are safe for workers and the public.

Available for Sale and Rental Australia Wide

The PR-SOLAR POLE LED is available for sale & rental and supported by the PR Power branch network Australia wide.

Warranty & Support

PR Power’s LED Lighting Towers come with a three-year warranty on light fittings. No bulbs, ballasts and capacitors to replace.

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