pH Correction (PMPU20)

pH Correction unit using either strong mineral acid or carbon dioxide in the continuous water treatment process.



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Technical Information

Separation Method:

Multi-Stage Process


Acidic or Alkaline Water

Operating Range:


pH Correction (PMPU20)

The Siltbuster PMPU20 pH Correction Unit provides three stage continuous treatment at flow rates of up to 30 m3/hr within a single integrated unit.
Stage 1: Initial pH adjustment to achieve a pH of circa 10.5, thereby maximising the precipitation of solids.

Stage 2: Recovery of suspended solids within a clarification stage (Effective settlement area 20sqm).  The settled solids collect within a hopper and are removed by the opening  of a gate valve, the recovered solids can be decanted into a skip or other similar sludge storage tank, to await off-site disposal.

Stage 3: Final stage pH adjustment to achieve a user set pH.  The solids free pH adjusted water discharges by gravity from the units outlet weir.

Typically the unit is configured to operate using either strong mineral acid or carbon dioxide.  The use of carbon dioxide has a number of environmental and health safety advantages ,making it the preferred acid of choice for use on a construction site.

PR Power is the Exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Siltbuster products including the award winning settlement units, silt separators, oil water separators, concrete wash water units, chemical dosing and pH correction units.

Available for sale and short/long term rental Australia wide.


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