PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter

The PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter is a unit specialized to control mist density and optimize spread distance to suppress dust contaminants.



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Technical Information

Spray Distance (without wind):

Up to 50m

Spray Coverage (without wind):

Up to 6,500sqm

Type of Water:

Potable/Not potable


Average Water Pressure:

1-10 bar (optimum 6 bar)

PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter

The PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter is ideal for use in cement, concrete, aggregate, environmental repair, landfills, steel, slag and wood processing applications mitigating the risk of low visibility and hard to breath air. The unit controls mist to suppress toxic and non-toxic forms of airborne contaminants.

The units have a 340 degree rotation, are compact, easily transportable around site and can be operated automatically eliminating the need for additional staff and reducing water usage.

The unique misty spray produced by the PR-DF PLUS avoids the creation of muddy surfaces prevalent when using other dust control systems such as water trucks and hoses.

The PR-DF PLUS units are available for sale or rental and can be powered by one of our diesel generators or mains power.

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PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter

PR-DF PLUS Dust Fighter