PR8000-FH Mobile Lighting Tower

$38,500.00 includes GST

The PR8000-FH Mine Spec mobile lighting tower has been fitted with 4x 2000w Metal Halide Lamps producing 24,500 sqm (840,000 Lumens) of light output on the work area. The lights sit atop an 9m vertical, hydraulic mast, which is manually rotated to 360 degrees and has an electric light tilt function to allow for precision direction of light.

The PR8000-FH has been designed to meet Australian Mining Standards and have Australia wide technical, parts and sales support.


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Light Watts
4x 2000w
Light Output - Sqm
Light Output - lumens
Type of light
Metal Halide
Mast Height
Mast Type
Engine Make
Engine Speed
Alternator Make
Sound Levels
65dBA @ 7m
Fuel Type
Product Options
  • Extensive options available on request
Full Manufacturer Warranty
Product parts & service
Genuine Parts & Service Plans available from PR Power

PR8000-FH Mobile Lighting Tower

The PR8000-FH Mine Spec mobile lighting plant has been designed to meet the demands of mining applications and meets Australian Mine Safety Standards. The unit is manufactured with an 11m fully hydraulic operated mast and four hydraulic stabiliser legs and is also fitted with a heavy duty mine spec trailer and is fully bunded to contain spills. Four 2000w Metal Halide lamps sit atop the 11m mast, producing up to 24,500sq.m (840,000 lumens) of light illumination for maximum visibility.

The compact and robust design, enables the PR8000-FH to be moved on site quickly and easily, ensuring minimal downtime. The hydraulic stabiliser legs provide added safety and stability out rugged terrain.

The PR Power Auto Controller is a standard feature on the PR8000-FH, which enables the lights to switch on and off automatically according to the sunset and sunrise settings on the Astronomical Timer reducing fuel consumption, wear and tear, maintenance, emissions and ultimately extending the life of the lighting tower saving you money.

The PR8000-FH Mobile Lighting Tower is available for sale or short/long term rental Australia wide.


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