Roadside Concrete Wash Water (RCW)

Reduces the environmental impact & costs associated with the disposal of pH & cement-laden wash water.



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Technical Information

Separation Method::

Geotextile Bag

pH Correction Method::

CO2 Vapour

Operating Range::

Up to 500 trucks per day

Roadside Concrete Wash Water (RCW)

The Roadside Concrete Wash Water unit (RCW) is ideal for the treatment of waste water from cleaning of concreting plant and equipment and can aid in reducing the environmental impact and costs associated with the disposal of pH, cement-laden wash water.

The RCW units efficiently capture solids by means of specialised filtration bags, before neutralising the highly alkaline wash water to an acceptable level for re-use or discharge.

PR Power is the Exclusive Australian distributor for Siltbuster products including the award winning settlement units, silt separators, oil water separators, concrete wash water units, chemical dosing and pH correction units.

Available for sale or short/long term rental Australia wide.



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RCW Operating Onsite

RCW Operating Onsite

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