Our client needed a prime power Diesel Generator large enough to provide the Port Lincoln water treatment plant with enough power to pump large volumes of water that is being treated and distributed across South Australia each day. After 3 months of use at the Port Lincoln plant, the PR Power Diesel Generator will be moved to another water treatment plant to be permanently installed.


The team took into account all power requirements of the two sites and the PR Power PR1250C-SAE Containerised Diesel Generator was put forward for the job. It has a genuine Cummins Engine, exactly what you would want for a prime power source.

The PR1250C-SAE has a built-in fuel tank (day tank) with a capacity of approximately 1000 Litres. Running at full load will use a large amount of fuel. With the addition of an auxiliary fuel tank, the refuel rate will be significantly reduced.

The team has kept in mind that the relocation of the Generator will occur in 3 months’ time and have designed & set up the Diesel Generator accordingly. Preparing for the transition to be a smooth and pre-planned process.


To connect the auxiliary Fuel Tank to the Diesel generator, a stainless-steel fuel containment pipe was constructed and it was designed so the fuel tank is able to be positioned at either end of the Containerised Diesel Generator. The fuel hose is positioned inside the stainless-steel pipe and is long enough for it to reach which ever end of the Generator is necessary (for both locations).  The ‘Tee’ at the end of the pipe can be detached and reattached using the longer flanged side to accomplish this.


Genuine Cummins Engines are recognised and trusted for their reliability and durability. They have been tested in the factory and on site to withstand high temperatures, humidity and altitudes. Features of the PR1250C-SAE include a built in Bunded Fuel tank, Deep Sea digital controller with an auto start feature, quick to install and easy to maintain. The Container itself is an ISO Standard Weatherproof Container which allows for safe & affordable transportation as it can be shipped like a regular container.

Our client is very happy with PR Power’s PR1250C-SAE Diesel Generator and with the service provided. The attached 3000 Litre Fuel tank is making refueling much more efficient and it is all ready to be disassembled and reassembled for the new site when the time comes.

Generator used is the PR1250C-SAE. For more info give us a call!

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