Lights 4 x 100W
Light Output 2,400m²
Run Time All Year Round
Fuel Consumption ZERO 100% Solar


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Available for Cross Hire, but only to genuine rental equipment organisations. Click here for information about our cross hire services.


The T-ZERO Trime X-SOLAR Light Tower is an all year round clean, silent and zero emission light tower with energy saving LED lamps and 4 x 360W retractable solar panels.

Suitable for contractors within the construction industry, rail projects, outdoor events, suburban areas, infrastructure works and rental markets who are seeking carbon-neutral site lighting. The X-SOLAR is an ideal lighting solution for these applications. The X-SOLAR is a Solar Lighting Tower that is easy to set up and can operate all year round with no running costs.

T-ZERO lighting towers are simple, clean and silent with minimal operation and maintenance costs. Leading to long-term environmental and health benefits, the reduction of running costs and zero emissions.

The X-SOLAR operates in complete silence and is 100% solar with zero CO² emissions, ready for your fleet.


The T-ZERO X-SOLAR is 100% Solar powered with no fuel consumption or running costs.


The T-ZERO X-SOLAR Light Tower produces ZERO Emissions and a light output of 2400 sqm. Ideal for rail, construction, events and suburban areas.


The T-ZERO X-SOLAR runs in complete silence, reducing unnecessary noise pollution on site and the surrounding area.

100% Environmentally Sustainable

Protecting the environment, the X-SOLAR has zero pollution and is 100% environmentally sustainable.  Manufacturer TRIME are market leaders in producing sustainable lighting tower options.

10 Hour+ Run Time (With No Charge)

Highly Efficient LED lamps reduce deficiencies to extract maximum performance and light output from the X-SOLAR producing a run time of 10+ hours without charge. The solar panels will sufficiently charge the light tower for all year round operation.

2400 sqm Illumination

Illumination suited for construction projects and events. The X-SOLAR illuminates 2400sqm.

Manufactured in Europe

Manufactured by Europe’s #1 lighting specialists TRIME, designed by their team of experienced engineers and technicians. TRIME light towers have gained a reputation for their efficiency, sustainability, and advanced LED lighting technology.

Available for Sale Australia Wide

The T-ZERO Range is exclusively available for sale in Australia from the PR Power branch network.

Warranty & Support

The T-ZERO Range Lighting Towers come with a three-year warranty on light fittings. No bulbs or ballasts to replace.

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