A Grain Export Facility needed a total of 2,000kVA of prime power to ensure the facility can comfortably operate during busy periods with a high load and quieter periods with a low load. PR Power designed a bespoke power generator solution, engineered for our customer’s requirements. Upon recommending a solution, our team put strong consideration into the installation requirements, synchronized load management, costs, sustainability, and long-term reliability.

PR Power has provided 4 x 550kVA JCB Diesel Generators for this job to account for the 2,000kVA of Prime power needed. By having multiple generator sets, the grain export facilities load can now be distributed evenly between the four gensets as necessary.

PR Power’s goal is to supply and install reliable power generation solutions paired with dependable aftermarket support.


A grain export facility needs a recommendation for the most suitable diesel generators which can provide 2000kVA of prime power for their grain operations to continue.


  • Synchronised load sharing
  • Reduce Emissions
  • Limit Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Upfront Costs
  • Reduce Servicing Costs
  • Dependable Aftermarket Support


Our JCB units were ideal for this project due to their affordability, fuel usage, silent operation, and extended service intervals. Four G545QX Diesel Generators were recommended by PR Power due to their low cost per kVA. When compared to other generator options totalling 2000kVA, it saved our customer an immediate difference of over $100,000.

Fuel Savings

The JCB gensets have years of research and development behind them which has resulted in significant fuel savings. Each JCB generator is consuming 15% less fuel than that of other well-known brands which results in fuel savings of approximately 10 Litres per hour.

Extended Service Intervals

JCB has also prioritised increasing the service intervals of these units to 400 hours which in turn provides reduced servicing costs.

Synchronising Controllers

The 4 x JCB G545QX’s Diesel Generators are now on route to South Australia to be installed upon arrival. Each generator has been fitted with synchronising controllers to evenly distribute the load and operate on an hour share shedding units on and off when the load goes up and down.

After Market Support

All four units are prime rated at 500kVA totalling the 2000kVA of power needed by the Grain Export Facility. Once installed PR Power provide ongoing servicing, support, and the supply of spare parts to ensure power is always available. PR Power provide ongoing support, service, spare parts and technical support for all customers.

“PR Power know how important aftermarket support is in our industry and we constantly strive to be a power generation equipment provider that delivers on aftermarket support, it is a priority of PR Power’s and our power generation team to look after our customers at all times.”

– Mike Corbett , National Generator Manager at PR Power

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