High Ambient Capability, Enclosed Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Project, Australia, High Ambient Capability, Enclosed Diesel Generator


A large Iron Ore Mining company in Australia required a reliable, dependable source of power to run a site located camp to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of their team members.

The high ambient capability diesel generator needed to be sound attenuated, weather rated and have the ability to operate in high ambient temperatures along with the tough northern Australia conditions.


To supply a fit-for-purpose diesel generator, to communicate with the 2 existing diesel generators at the large employee camp site.

Both existing units were already fitted with auto sync / load share controllers.


The PR Power diesel generator specialists recommended a sound attenuated, weather rated 1250 kVA prime rated PR Power Diesel Generator powered by a genuine Cummins engine and genuine Stamford alternator.

To confirm that a working, fully tested system was supplied; a factory acceptance test was carried out and viewed by site personnel prior to delivery.

The result:

A turn-key, full sync, load share package was delivered to the site located camp including:

  • 4,500 L bunded fuel tank
  • An armoured fuel hose system
  • 1250 kVA high ambient capability prime rated PR Power Diesel Generator [1400 kVA standby], up-fitted inline with site specific requirements
  • A ComAp Series controller, along with system programming
  • Full on-site commissioning and after sales service / support

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Why choose a PR Power Diesel Generator?

  • In stock and available for fast delivery Australia-wide.
  • Suitable for a range of industry applications.
  • Genuine OEM diesel engine & alternator.
  • PR Power is Australian Owned & Operated.
  • Designed to meet Australian and European standards.


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