A remote mine site required reliable power supply for their campsite 24/7, 365 days of the year.


Supply diesel generators to ensure a reliable power supply to ensure the camp operates as required. The Diesel Generators will be the primary source of power to the campsite.


Supplied 5 PR Power Diesel Generators for site power. The team provided 4 x 500kVA Diesel Generators to run in sync of each other where no more than 3 will be running at a time and there will always be one on standby as back up. The 5th Diesel Generator which was supplied was a 230kVA Perkins Powered Diesel Generator which was purely for the night shift. The other Diesel Generators will go to standby and this one will kick in for the night. If something were to go wrong with one of the 500kVA’s the standby unit would transition in taking its place.

Units installed were 4 x Perkins Powered 500kVA 3 Phase PR550P-SAE Diesel Generators and 1 x Perkins Powered 230kVA 3 phase PR250P-SAE Diesel Generator.

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