Credit to the Western Australian Regional Police. They were going through the process of reviewing their back up power requirements for the Regional Police Stations. In total there are 12 police stations requiring back up power.


To supply 12 Diesel Generators to Provide permanent emergency back-up power to the necessary WA Regional Police Stations. Ensuring the stations are able to continue operation and serve the regional community in the event of a power outage.


PR Power’s team was left in charge of gathering all the requirements for the proposed Diesel generator’s. Each individual police station has different requirements. E.g the space for the install of the Diesel Generator and the maximum loads for the Diesel Generator’s will all vary. The team supplied various sized Perkins powered, sound attenuated diesel generators and installed them as back-up emergency power all depending on the power requirements for each individual Regional Police Station.

Back Up Perkins powered Diesel Generators Used ranged from our 80kVA DE88-ENCL Diesel Generator to our 455kVA C15-500-ENCL Diesel Generator. 

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