The Salvation Army Emergency Services have set up in a bush fire command area serving hot meals, hot and cold drinks as well as crucial first aid services for working CFA bush fire fighters and SES Staff.


Provide reliable, mobile power and lighting for the event on an on-going basis. The fire is a constant hazards so PR Power will need to be able to move the Portable Diesel Generator with the fire fighters as the fire front moved through country Victoria.


The PR Power team constructed and supplied a custom trailer to mount the Portable Generator to supply power to the Salvation Army on the front lines. After taking into account of the size of the Generator appropriate the PR Power team commenced construction and the custom trailer for the diesel generator was a success. The team now had to make sure that all safety precautions were in place and that they have allowed for the ease and safety of the use of the Portable mounted  Generator to power the site without causing any issues. With a constant mobile supply of power the necessary services & aid are all available to the emergency service workers fighting the fire just Km’s away.

The equipment used was a 20 kVA 3 phase Perkins Powered Diesel Generator > PR22P-SAE Diesel Generator.

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