Embedded into the grid Diesel Generators PR Power Australia

PR Power Helps Rural Victorian Grid Supply Again.

PR Power recently commissioned 2 more diesel generators that can export power back into the Mains Grid upon request from the local power retailer.

This request will come on days with a high network demand and will provide much needed additional electrical supply capacity to the local rural community.  The 2 x PR715P-SAE PR Power generators will export up to 728kW which is almost 1265A per phase.

PR Power have installed a number of generators like this that are embedded in with the supply to assist with load demand response requirements in rural areas, these embedded generators not only provide a revenue source for the owner but as a side benefit not only take load off the network it also exports capacity back into the network.

This is especially important leading into summer with the increase demand on the network each summer. PR Power specialise in providing Engineered Solutions and are constantly striving to assist not only our customers but the community as well.