Looking for a smarter lighting tower that shines brighter than the rest? We are excited to announce that the next generation of LED Mobile Lighting Towers have finally arrived at PR Power! Introducing our new PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower, get the illuminating results you desire at a lower cost and a higher efficiency rate.

As the exclusive Australian distributor, we have plenty in stock and are keen to show you why the PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is the well-deserved industry leader in smarter onsite lighting solutions.

What is the PR-ECO LED Lighting Tower?

The PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is the latest in LED Lighting Tower Technology, with an efficient 2-cylinder diesel engine and automatic mast operating system that gets you to work faster and safer.

The units utilise highly efficient LED lamps mounted atop a road ready trailer with a 48VDC extra low voltage lighting system and Automatic Mast Operating Safety System (AMOSS) for extra safety.

It’s easy to operate and transport with a road ready compact trailer, central operating point, 350 degree mast rotation and 8.5 vertical hydraulic mast extension for maximum light coverage.

A must-have piece of lighting equipment for any company, the PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Civil works
  • Rental
  • Government projects

The push for smarter lighting

We recently discussed the importance of having quality lighting towers onsite for the safety of workers as well as any pedestrians or motorists that happen to be on or around the site. For sites that are active at night, workers need an illuminated environment in order to continue their work safely.

With portability, durability and an independent power source the PR-ECO LED is an industry leader with respect to environmental and energy efficiency standards.

For a smarter and more sustainable lighting solution, the PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is the way to go, with a number of key environmental and energy efficient features and benefits, including:

  • CO2 reduction of 888kg per month and 70% fuel saving, thanks to its fuel efficient 2-cylinder, 1500RPM, water cooled diesel engine
  • 200 hour run time, significantly reducing maintenance and fuel costs
  • 6 x 150w of highly efficient LED lamps with a 48VDC low voltage system capable of illuminating approximately 3,800sqm
  • Lamps that ignite immediately for quick start and increased energy saving
  • No bulbs to replace on LED lamps as they are protected by a polycarbonate lens (no glass), which is better for both your pocket and the environment

So not only does it deliver a superior super bright light, it also ensures safer sites and greater cost efficiency. With all the additional savings compared to traditional lighting towers, the PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is a great investment for any worksite.

PR Power specialises in the sale and rental of a select range of mobile lighting towers including the new PR-ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower Australia-wide. For more information feel free to contact us on 1300 399 499 or get a quote online.