Peace of mind and backup your power for your off-grid solar, home, business or various commercial needs is an essential these days and finding a solution that offers great value, is easy to install and safe to operate in an emergency is where we come in.

What is the PR Power Standby Range?PR-Power-Standby-Range_Product-Page-Image

The PR Power Standby Range are a selection of diesel generators sized from 5kVA up to 33kVA and they’re available in a single phase or 3 phase option. The Standby Range is powered by a quality Kubota diesel engine that is coupled to a durable Meccalte alternator.

Key features:

  • Practical and sturdy – a robust weatherproof design fully lockable for added security.
  • Easy to install and operate – readily transportable & operational, plug & play. Allow 600mm on each side.
  • Service and spare parts backup – PR Power provides a comprehensive range of spare parts & 24/7 breakdown assistance.

The rising importance of standby diesel generators

Put simply, it’s all about mitigating risk whether it’s your home, business or off-grid solar set up. A brief disruption to your power can be costly and extremely inconvenient because let’s face it, it’s never a good time to lose power.

There’s many ways that your power could be affected such as: massive grid failure, a natural disaster or a storm. With the PR Power Standby Range you can feel secure knowing that your power is protected by a PR Power Standby diesel generator.

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The PR Power Standby Range