On-Mini Race


PR Power recently sponsored the “Mini-Ons” Classic Mini’s Racing Team who took part in a 6 hour Relay Race at Mallala Motorsport Park in South Australia. The Mini-Ons team included 4 classic mini’s with the oldest being a 1962 Mini Cooper and the youngest a 1974 Clubman GT. Other competitors included Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Alfa Romeo’s and Lotus vehicles making up 25 teams competing in the event.

PR Power’s very own Mike Corbett – Victorian State Manager, competed in the event as a member of the PR Power sponsored Mini-Ons team, driving his green Mini Cooper S fault free throughout the day in an inspired performance.

The Mini-Ons team started the day in 5th position, and battled hard with a number of team members experiencing car issues. The black Mini Cooper of Scott Markby spun on a patch of oil and was clipped by another car causing it to spin wildly off the track and forcing it back into the pits for running repairs before it was back out on track fighting hard to make its way through the field.

The grey Mini Cooper of Rod Shaw had some temperature issues throughout the day but managed to continue on, whilst the yellow Mini Clubman GT of Mark Perros had its clutch give up the ghost at the 4 hour mark leaving just 3 cars running for the final 2 hours.

The PR Power sponsored Mini-Ons Racing Team eventually finished 18th battling hard throughout the day to overcome a number of technical issues and racing incidents.

The team didn’t go home empty handed though, with Mini- Ons being awarded the “Best Presented Team” award. The award incorporated key aspects including presentation of the cars, drivers, pit crew, pit garages & work areas. For a first up effort at the event a lot was learned and the team did everyone proud.

PR Power would like to congratulate the team on their first time effort in the race event and continued success in future events.

Team Photo