Net Zero Emission T-ZERO Lighting Towers

The latest European sustainable lighting tower technology is now available from PR Power.

PR Power works with industry leaders to provide greener choices for their customers, with the goal of achieving zero emissions. Their new T-ZERO PRO range of hybrid and solar lighting tower options will support companies in meeting their sustainability goals.

PR Power is the exclusive Australian distributors for Italian manufacturer TRIME, Europe’s lighting tower specialists and market leaders in developing low emission lighting and power technologies. TRIME are the supplier of choice of environmentally friendly lighting products for many of the world’s largest rental companies.

PR Power has a collaborative working partnership with TRIME. TRIME have spent years researching and developing the T-ZERO PRO range which demonstrates the extensive capabilities and performance of zero-emission mobile lighting.


T-ZERO Pro Range

Hitting Sustainability Targets

PR Power is extremely proud to launch the T-ZERO PRO product line into the Australian market, which brings the company closer to achieving its own zero-carbon goal.

“The range includes fully solar powered units which operate in complete silence, with no exhaust fumes while still achieving the equivalent power generated by diesel engines,” said Craig Parker, Director at PR Power.

“Low emission hybrid lighting options are also available providing high light output, extended run times, and efficiency. Minimal maintenance is required, with the range containing features such as the latest telemetry, safety controls, tracking and geofencing technology.”

The T-ZERO PRO batteries use an intelligent control system which monitors individual cell temperature to deliver optimal recharging with high recharge speeds. When one battery is in use, the other will recharge. To avoid overheating, freeze technology cools the batteries by absorbing thermal energy, maintaining the optimal temperature.

“The range isn’t limited to lighting towers,” said Craig Parker.

“There are T-ZERO hybrid generators, developed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 89 percent compared to standard diesel generators. Their smaller engine works mainly to re-charge the batteries, resulting in less noise when compared to standard diesel generators. The T-ZERO hybrid and solar models permit the end user to use only the power required, avoiding oversizing issues and meaningless CO2 emissions.”


A Decade of Support

PR Power has been supporting companies in Australia for more than 10 years, providing premium equipment and expertise. They have an established national branch network with an experienced team dedicated to providing quality products, service, spare parts and technical support.

“PR Power  has distributorships with market leading companies including TRIME, JCB, Cummins and Powerlink,” said Craig Parker “We continue to work with industry leaders to provide greener choices with the goal of achieving zero emissions.”

View our T-ZERO Range Here: T-ZERO Lighting Towers