Lighting Towers

Wide range of mobile lighting towers with your choice of Metal Halide, LED, HPS or Balloon lighting options. Hydraulic vertical mast, super quiet, road ready trailers and easy to operate.

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PR4000 Mobile Lighting Tower
Civil Works - Construction Lighting Tower
PR8000-FH Mine Spec
Mine Spec
PR4000-LED Lighting Tower
LED lighting Tower
PR-Hybrid-LED Lighting Tower
Hybrid LED lighting Tower
PR6000 Mine Spec
PR6000 Mine Spec
6000w Mining
Turtle Safe Lighting Tower
Manual Winch Operated
Skid Mounted Manual Winch
12000w Mine Site Ready
PR4000 Balloon
PR4000 Balloon
Balloon Lighting Tower

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The range of mobile lighting towers for sale and short or long term rental, are capable of providing up to 1,260,000 lumens of light illumination in a variety of configurations suited for civil works, construction, mining, oil & gas, events, rental and industrial applications. We offer various lighting options depending on the project including Metal Halide, LED, High Pressure Sodium lights “Turtle Friendly” and balloon lighting.


Model No. of Lights Watts per lamp Light Illumination Type of light Mast Height and Lift Operation Stabiliser Legs Generator

Technical Spec

Lighting Tower
PR4000 4 1000w 4,200 sq.m Metal Halide 9m / Hydraulic Manual 9kW
PR4000-LED 4 4x 300w or 6x300w up to 186,600 Lumens LED 9m / Hydraulic Manual 2kW
PR6000 Mine Spec 4 1500w 520,000 Lm Metal Halide 9m / Hydraulic Manual 11kVA
PR4000-M-Skid 4 1000w 4,200 sq.m Metal Halide 8m / Manual Winch NA 9kW
PR12000 6 2000w 960,000 Lm Metal Halide 11m / Hydraulic Manual 20kW
PR4000-M 4 1000w 4,200 sq.m Metal Halide 8m / Manual Winch Manual 9kW
PR8000-FH (Mine Spec) 4 2000w 24,500 sq.m Metal Halide 9m / Hydraulic Hydraulic 20kW
PR4000-HPS 4 1000w 4,200 sq.m High Pressure Sodium 9m / Hydraulic Manual 9kW
PR-Hybrid LED 4 150w 54,000 Lm LED 9m / Hydraulic Manual NA
PR4000 Balloon 4 1000w 440,000 Lumens Metal Halide 9m / Hydraulic Manual 9kW
Mobile Lighting Balloon Towers
Lighting Balloon