Lights 6 x 150w
Light Output 3,800m²
Run Time 608 hours
Manufacturer Trime, Italy
Data Sheet
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The X-BOX HYBRID AGM is a Hybrid Lighting Tower which maximises fuel efficiency and run time. Utilising four rechargeable batteries alongside an efficient 2-cyclinder diesel engine to allow for 608 hours (50 Nights) of uninterrupted run time.

Its small footprint, extended run-time and reduced refuelling requirements make the X-BOX Hybrid ideal for semi-permanent construction, industrial, civil works, rental and government operations. The X-BOX HYBRID AGM is available for sale and Rent 2 Rent Australia Wide as an eco-friendly mobile lighting alternative.



70% Fuel Savings

The X-BOX HYBRID AGM utilises 4 x rechargeable batteries combined with a fuel efficient 2 cylinder, 1500rpm, water cooled Kubota Z482 diesel engine to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, the extremely efficient LED light fittings further reduce fuel savings while maintaining effective light output.

Complete Silence

The X-BOX HYBRID AGM can run completely silent for up to 11 hours, when the batteries are low the tower will automatically switch to its diesel engine and simultaneously recharge the battery packs whilst maintaining light output.

50 Nights Uninterrupted Run Time

The Kubota Z482 Diesel Engine is paired with a 150L fuel tank and 4 x long lasting rechargeable batteries which extends the run time to a massive 608 hours reducing maintenance & fuel costs.

Highly Efficient LED Lights

Highly efficient LED lamps illuminate approximately 3,800sqm.

Manufactured in Europe

PR Power’s Lighting towers are manufactured in Italy and built to last. The X-BOX HYBRID AGM have proven themselves in Europe due to their efficiency, reliability, and LED lighting technology.

Environmental Sustainability

Designed to be environmentally sustainable without sacrificing performance. Our manufacturers, Trime Italy have excessively reduced the CO2 emissions, creating one of the cleanest hybrid light towers available in Australia.

Safety and Hazard Prevention

The X-BOX HYBRID AGM has a 24VDC Extra Low Voltage Lighting System to ensure the safety of workers on site. Optional anti-glare LED technology ensures light conditions are safe for workers and the public.

Available for Sale Australia Wide

The X-BOX HYBRID AGM is available for sale and supported by the PR Power branch network Australia wide.

Warranty & Support

PR Power’s LED Lighting Towers come with a three-year warranty on light fittings. No bulbs, ballasts and capacitors to replace.

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0.55 L/h

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Sound Levels

62dBA @ 7m

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