Australia’s first commercial space launch facility is being constructed in East Arnhem, Northern Territory.  Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) has partnered with NASA, to construct the Arnhem Space Centre site near the East Arnhem township of Nhulunbuy.New Spaceport is powered by PR Power

The purpose of the commercial spaceport will be primarily for launch services for rockets and stratospheric ballooning. The location makes it perfect for ground stations, space technology development and testing.

PR Power has been contracted to design, supply & install the complete power station for this facility; this will include 4 x 500kVA primary generators & 2 x smaller off line generators coupled up to a common fully automatic power distribution main switchboard and a fully automatic fuel system. Pictured is Jeremy White (left) from DW Controls and Mike Corbett (right) from PR Power, Pictures: Lachlan Bence/Supplied/The Courier Newspaper

Proof of Concept Testing or a ‘one-for-one scale’ will be constructed and tested in Ballarat, Victoria. Due to the remote location of the Arnhem Space Centre, it’s important to conduct this type of testing to ensure no further equipment or materials are required to power the important spaceport site and to provide maximum system reliability right from day one.

ELA manager power, communications and IT Marco Pavincich said to Jackson Russell, from The Courier Newspaper recently,

“This is a massive milestone because all the power for the whole site will come from these four generators,” he said. “They’ll be completely assembled here in Ballarat, together with all the supporting transformers, the diesel fuel tanks, and the switchboard with communications.”

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