Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) is leading Australia’s participation in the International Space Industry working closely with many various Space Agencies including NASA.

A new satellite launching facility is currently being built in the Northern Territory with NASA looking at launching the first of its satellite’s early next year in the first of a multi-year launching program.


Given the remote location and the complexity of the varying power requirements ELA needed to find a generator supplier that could not only supply reliable generators but also design and support a complex synchronising load dependant system together with a fuel system to keep the facility operating and a main distribution centre controlling all of this. PR Power have been chosen as the market leading generator supplier that can supply all of these requirements as a one stop turn key solution provider.

The initial order for the 4 primary larger generators was awarded to PR Power previously and the generators supplied to us by our OEM Partner Powerlink are fitted with class leading Cummins engines & Stamford alternators.

4 x 500kVA primary generators (PR550C-SAE) and later x2 smaller off line generators coupled up to a common fully automatic power distribution main switchboard and a fully automatic fuel system.


The second stage of this project includes the design & manufacture of the entire automatic fuel system & Main Switch Board (MSB). Keen to support local Australian companies PR Power has engaged some market leading local companies to do the design and total fabrication in Australia of a fully automatic fuel system fed from a locally manufactured 60,000L fuel tank.

Supporting regional business’s the MSB with remote monitoring/control & programming capability in an airconditioned container will be fully designed & manufactured in Ballarat.


Due to the remote location of the site and the ongoing variable Covid restrictions we all face, all of the major components will undergo a full scale Proof of Concept test & validation in Ballarat prior to shipment to site.

PR Power is proud to have been selected as not only the generator supplier but also to provide full project design & manufacturing for such an important high profile project.

When you need an Engineered Solution for your next project go with the one chosen for “The Space Race”.

IMAGE CREDIT: Artist’s (Gabbert Design) impressions of the ELA Space Centre sourced via ELA (Equatorial Launch Australia)

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