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Emergency Power for NSW Hospital

By PR Power,


A New South Wales Hospital was in need of an emergency back up generator to be available to support critical services and the large number of patients that occupy the hospital on a daily basis.

PR Power’s team took on the huge task, which consisted of both the delivery and installation of a 1250kVA Sound Attenuated Diesel Generator. Utilising a crane the 1250kVA genset was carefully lifted into position and installed. Further soundproofing was added to the genset on completion.



200kVA Generator Backs up Sewerage Treatment Plant

By PR Power,


The North West of Australia is an area subject to cyclonic weather conditions and can result in unexpected power outages. With this in mind an electrical contractor located in regional WA required backup power to be installed at a nearby Sewerage Treatment Plant to overcome the power outage issue.

PR Power was able to supply a 200kVA, sound attenuated diesel generator to provide emergency back up power ensuring that raw sewerage would not be unwittingly discharged into the surrounding area as a result of a power outage.


PR Power Reaching New Heights

By PR Power,


PR Powers’s team tackled the task of installing a 500kVA Diesel Generator onto the roof top of a nine story building in Perth’s CBD. With the help of a crane and the professional team at PR Power, the building and its occupants will rest easy with PR Power’s diesel generator installed and ready to power the building in the event of an power outage.




Port Provider Controls Dust with PR50-DF’s

By PR Power,


A local Victorian integrated port services provider, which operates a number of sites throughout Victoria and Australia required dust suppression equipment as part of their daily operations to minimise dust on site.

PR Power was able to supply for rental a number of PR50-DF dust fighters to successfully minimise airborne dust and other contaminants in the port, which in addition achieved the appropriate approval for Australian Environmental standards.


QLD Petrol Station Upgrade

By PR Power,


PR Power recently completed a PR50-DF Dust Fighter rental for a QLD Petrol Station upgrading its existing tanks to E10 fuel compatibility.

During the upgrade works, dust spreading to the surrounding area was a major concern, so a PR50-DF Dust Fighter was supplied for the duration of the project to greatly reduce the spread of dust and other contaminants.

QLD University Generator Service

By PR Power,


PR Power’s Field Service Team attended a service on a diesel generator at a Queensland University. The generator provides emergency back-up power to the University building  to ensure its able to operate as required in the event of a power outage and continue to provide essential services for the students and staff.

PR Power’s service support includes onsite mobile and in-house servicing, repairs, overhauls, installations, commissioning and programmed maintenance.

PR Power can also package service contracts to ensure your equipment is maintained year on year and supply competitive pricing on over 4000 spare part items.


Airport and Freight Access Link Project

By PR Power,


The Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project which was completed in 2016, required site power during the construction phase for use by the contractor.

PR Power supplied sixteen diesel generators of various sizes to meet the projects site power requirements and ensure that onsite offices and other ancillaries were able to operate day and night until the projects completion.

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WA Regional Police Install PR Power Generators for Back-up Power

By PR Power,


The Western Australian Regional Police were going through the process of upgrading their police station power capabilities at 12 of their regional police stations and chose PR Power’s diesel generators as the preferred back-up power supply.

PR Power installed twelve Perkins powered diesel generators of varying sizes into 12 Regional Police Stations. The diesel generators automatically start in the event of a power outage ensuring essential equipment continue to operate at the Police Stations.

The PR Power generators are all supported by our parts, service and technical support network with full manufacturer warranty.


Truck Wheel Wash in operation on a mine site

By PR Power,


A remote mine site in the north of Western Australia installed the PR Power Mobile Truck Wheel Wash to minimise contaminants spreading into the surrounding environment as a result of vehicles entering and leaving the site. The PR Power Truck Wheel Wash was able to meet the Environmental Authority requirements for the site.

The standard configuration of the Mobile Wheel Wash enables full wheel rotation (standard vehicle sized wheel), whilst a series of jets remove excess dirt.

The Truck Wheel Wash is designed to self clean and remove build up of dirt and solids, utilising a patented solids settling and conveyor system. This ensures maximum efficiency and eliminates the need for regular cleaning and unloading of the unit.



Mobile Lighting Towers for Open Pit Mining

By PR Power,


PR Power supplied the PR8000-FH Mine Spec Mobile Lighting Towers to an open pit coal mine to provide pit floor lighting for the safe extraction of material and improved vehicle and worker safety.

The super bright PR8000-FH produces 24,500sqm of light illumination ensuring that the night works were achieved successfully.

The PR8000-FH is also fitted with the PR Power Auto Controller as a standard feature. The controllers enables the lights to switch on and off automatically according to the sunset and sunrise settings on the Astronomical Timer reducing fuel consumption, wear and tear, maintenance, emissions and ultimately extending the life of the mobile lighting tower saving you money.

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